Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Salon

It's been a long week fighting a nasty cold....the only upside being able to justify sitting around reading.  I've been mixing it up a great deal, I think I have six (yes, six) books going at once right now.  I'm finishing The River Gods by Kitely, trying to remember what I read late at night in Everything Flows by Grossman, finishing up Video Verite by Petrick, Rendition by Manolis, A Place of Meadows and Tall Trees by Dudman, and Dreaming in Chinese

I did realize that I am completely free to ignore unsolicited titles that arrive, and not even put them in the wait list unless they really look good.  For some reason I was feeling like I had a duty to read them, NOT.  So what should I do with them?  Donate to library?  Some of them are way out there...

I read the most amazing article on Mont Blanc (the place, not the pen!).  I wish I had the money to travel to some neat places:  the Faroe Islands, Australia, Chile, Romania, Spain, and Portugal are on my current wish list (but I haven't read today's travel section yet, it could change).  Special thanks to those that sent me those wonderful pictures from Spain...I hate you all now!

Contemplating an order from the Levenger catalog.  Has anyone seen this?  It's book lover porn.  Seriously, I want one of everything.  Gorgeous stuff.

I also have a gorgeous NY Times Sunday waiting for me right now, and I just about have time to review it before an airport run to pick up my parents and my middle son from their trip.  Happy reading!


  1. I hope you get feeling better! My daughter and I had that nasty cold - I think it lasted about two weeks.

    I could never keep 6 books straight!