Tuesday, July 13, 2010

International Winner and Scandinavian Reviews

First off, congratulations to Lyn (LMAN) of Australia for winning the giveaway for the Book Depository gift certificate.  I will be in contact and if I don't hear from her, I have a second place winner already lined up from the randomizer....I'll try and do international giveaways more often!                        
Photo  from spare it on Flickr, taken in Albania, as a sort of tribute to Fado, a great book about Albania I am midway through reading. 

Nancy has sent some recent reviews for the Scandinavian Reading Challenge, now past the halfway mark of the year!




Jose also sent:

Colleen's contribution:

There may be more but my email got messed up, email me if I missed one and I'll add it to the list. 

Great article with writing advice in today's Los Angeles Times:

From the ARC piles: the last two weeks have been huge, more than 30 books have arrived for reviewing.  Of course, not all will get done, and it seems this batch had a number of unsolicited titles that aren't really appealing and will get passed on.  Strangely, there were tons of dog books.  Dogs are the new vampires:  sad dogs, lifesaving dogs, genius dogs.  I'm a cat person.

Just for fun, Galleycat had a link to a fun little online game that analyzes your writing sample.  I tried it with a blog post and it said I am similar to James Joyce, wow.  Then I had it sample a short story and it said Dan Brown. Oh..  Try it if you feel like wasting some time:  "I Write Like" at http://iwl.me/

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  1. Dog stories are pretty popular, aren't they? I'm a cat person myself, but I like reading about dogs- the books are often funnier, for one thing.