Monday, June 21, 2010

World Cup observations...

I don't twitter or tweet, thank goodness, but saw these on another website.  Warren Ellis twits little remarks as they happen during the World Cup.  This is from the France vs. Mexico match.

* French team: "We are so bored now that we will simply stand around and let the Mexicans score. Be SEARED by our ennui."

* French team now standing around smoking Gauloises, composing miserable poetry.
* French team unsure why they’re being punished for kicking people instead of ball
* Three minutes extra time added. French burst into tears.
* Mexico deserved that win. They stayed above France’s dirty, sullen game. Also, I like to think the Mexicans were armed.

England vs. Algeria
* Ooh, is there a football match on? Lovely.

* And there’s the England team, looking like a gaggle of confused hair models.
* The Algerian team appear to be conscious, and therefore not the England team’s preferred opponents.
* Dear Mr Heskey, please have a blind man and their guide dog show you where the goal is

England vs. USA

* Rooney pauses at the touchline to sniff the air, make fire with sticks #eng
* get up you poof he only kicked you in the lung
* England apologises for fielding a goalkeeper who quite clearly took rather a lot of heroin before the match commenced.
* Dangerous tackle, my arse. In Millwall they call that "foreplay."
* Ah. The England team appear to have gotten drunk during half-time.
* I wish to assure our American friends that, for this performance, the England team will in fact be executed.


  1. hahaha, I love it. I have seen some weird things in this World Cup, but nothing was funnier than the footage of the italian bloke diving and trying to get a penalty when there was no one with 2 metres of him!

  2. As one of only 5 people that don't watch Soccer (football to everyone else)--I haven't been watching but I promise I get to hear about it a lot. I love sports fans, they are so passionate :)