Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Finland is officially part of Scandinavia!

Since we had some recent questions regarding whether Finland should be counted as part of Scandinavia, for the purposes of the Challenge, we seem to have found the definitive answer from Diane, a publicist for HELSINKI HOMICIDE: VENGEANCE by Jarkko Sipila.  It is nominated for the Glass Key Award (excellence in Scandinavian crime fiction), and it is by a Finnish author. So, if Finland is considered part for purposes of the Glass Key award, we can assume Finland is considered part of Scandinavia in general.

Thanks for your help Diane! 



  1. I have just looked for this book on Amazon (UK) but it is not there in the translated version. Do you know how to get hold of an English-language copy?

  2. Hi Maxine! Please visit for ordering and contact info. The novels have been translated into English. They are also at Amazon US.