Friday, December 3, 2010

Year End there room for one more?

Sorry I haven't been posting much...I've been reading but haven't had much time to compose my thoughts on what I've read.  Lots of interesting titles to talk about soon! 

Plus, I'm preparing for the 2011 Eastern European Reading Challenge.  I hope some of the Scandinavian Challenge participants decide to explore a bit of what lies can't possibly be any gloomier, can it?

So, year-end list time!  I know...they're everywhere.  But I feel like it, so there!  I'm listing my favorites of all things 2010, most of which may be especially inconsequential! 

Safe from the Sea by Peter Geye
To Mervas by Elisabeth Rynell
The  Canal by Lee Rourke
The Ambassador by Bragi Olafsson

In the Land We Imagined Ourselves
Ventrakl by Christian Hawkey
Observations from Off the Grid by Angela Long
Birds for a Demolition by Manoel de Barros


30 Rock's live episode
30 Rock, when Matt Damon appears as the crybaby pilot Carroll
Collision:  BBC miniseries, 5 parts

The Trap (2007) from Serbia: Klopka (original title)

Favorite websites and blogs:  Lisa's Russian blog  Daisy's food photo blog, yummy! Greg's great reviews  Great publishing news, active rotation  Can't resist the cats, but hate that they've added so many videos

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  1. Thank you so much for including the link, Amy! I'm looking forward to your Eastern European challenge!

    Also... I was glad to see you liked The Ambassador enough to include it in your favorites list. I haven't put together my 2010 list yet but suspect it will be among my favorites, too, thanks to the balance of humor and angst.