Saturday, January 1, 2011

Scandinavian Challenge ends...well-done!

Thanks to all who participated in the Scandinavian Reading Challenge for 2010.  We had 78 participants throughout the year, and I've heard from the following who completed the Challenge.  There may be more, and I apologize if I missed your name....

Bernadette from Australia
Barbara F
Solvi from Norway
Kathy D
Jose from Spain
Alistair from Scotland
Uriah from UK
Kenneth US (sorry to omit!)
and I'm nearly positive that Maxine and Karen M and Dorte completed it!

Thanks to all for particpating.  It appears, by rough estimation, that Hypothermia and The Ice Princess were among the favorite titles to be read.
My favorite was tied between To Mervas by Elisabeth Rynell and The Ambassador by Bragi Olafsson.

Now, I'm hoping you are all ready for Eastern Europe and Russia!  It'll be Vodka instead of Aquavit, and Volgas instead of Volvos, but still pretty chilly.  You'll all fit in just fine.  Thanks for playing!


  1. Well done on hosting such a great challenge Amy. There is a Nordic one for 2011 which I am going to do to continue my great reading from that region - in addition to the Eastern European one of course. Glad I have a whole year to search for books for this one :)

  2. I enjoyed this challenge so much, Amy. It introduced me to one of my favorite books of all time -- The Summer Book. I am still picking my books for the Eastern European Challenge, and I can't wait to dive in!

  3. Thank you for hosting this challenge. I really enjoyed completing it - found some new authors to read. Enjoyed it!

  4. Hi - I emailed this to you on 11/28 but never posted it. So here once again are the 15 books I read for the Scandinavian Challenge:
    I finished the challenge, reading 15 books. Thanks for doing this. I appreciate all the time and energy you put into it. My sense is that it was a great success. I'll append a list of my books below. Looking forward to more of the same great stuff on blacksheepdances for the balance of this year and then throughout 2011.


    1. HYPOTHERMIA 4/11 5.0
    2. THE BOMBER 4/14 3.5
    3. THE BLACK PATH 4/17 4.0
    4. THE SNOWMAN 4/25 4.5
    5. MAN FROM BEIJING 5/16 2.0
    6. PRINCESS OF BURUNDI 5/30 4.0
    7. GOODNIGHT MY DARLING 6/18 2.0
    8. CRUEL STARS OF NIGHT 7/1 2.5
    9. UNSPOKEN 7/17 3.5
    10 SNOW ANGELS 7/27 3.5
    11 FROZEN MOMENT 9/21 4.0
    12 YOURS UNTIL DEATH 9/30 1.0
    13 SHADOW 10/19 4.0
    14 THE BEAST 11/5 1.0
    15 SHAME 11/28 1.5

  5. Yes, I (Maxine) did complete this challenge a while back and I left the requisite update as a comment on your blog.

    Thanks for hosting the challenge!