Saturday, January 15, 2011

Eastern European Challenge update, quiz, and need opinions!

We've hit 62 participants in 20 countries, including China!  Woo-hoo!  If you are looking for titles/authors, check the upper tab-it has links to books submitted as suggestions by several participants, and there's another link for reviews.  It would be great to get participants from South America and/or Africa to fill out the map.

One question came up-should pre-1989 work by East German authors or literature be considered since, technically, it was part of Eastern Europe then?  (Yes, this bunch is a bit OCD!  LOL).  I say it could, but if anyone thinks it shouldn't, throw in your thoughts.

Also, someone brought up Macedonia...For some reason I thought that was more related to Greece, Armenia, and Turkey than Eastern Europe.  I checked two sources online and one included it in EE, another didn't.  Any thoughts?

On that note, how about a game?  Just for fun, if you are bored on this gorgeous day, print out the blank Eastern Europe map at this link, and fill in what countries you know.  Test your geography skills!  It may contain more than just our selected region, but see how many you know.
Then, check your answers at

As always, please share the Challenge with any who may be interested.  Cut and paste the picture above if you wish.  After all, Salon magazine's Laura Miller mentioned it in her column, so she must have heard it from one of would NOT believe the hits my stats page showed after that appeared.

Happy reading!


  1. That game is cruel - I didn't need to know how poor my geography is this early on a Sunday morning :)

    My vote is yes to including pre 1989 East German lit and to the Macedonian stuff (I think Macedonia was part of Yugoslavia) - it appears on your labelled map from the game above so it must be in

  2. I got few right ,all the best stu

  3. Thus far I'va made my through a pair of Polish novels, Hlasko's Eight Day of the Week and Konwicki's The Polish Complex - see review