Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We Have a Winner!

Congratulations to Lynda from for winning the giveaway for Henning Mankell's The Man from Beijing.  If she doesn't contact me within 48 hours I will regenerate the entries and post another winner.

So she's all set for the Scandinavian Reading Challenge with this mystery title.  Never fear, though...I have another giveaway to announce.

Before I do, please keep in mind the following:  I will keep all the names on the leftside column since all of you are particpants in the Challenge, I will just remove point totals for now.  As you read titles in the Challenge, if you can jot me a quick email with the title I can create a database that shows all books read, and by whom (I will not expose anyone's email).  That way, if more than one person reads the same book, which is bound to happen, they can exchange notes if they wish and discuss the book.  You can opt out if you wish.  If you finish your 6 titles early, keep in mind that prize time will still be later in the year, so I can gauge how many prizes will be needed.  And, by the way, I was joking about the herring, really.  The least you will win is a new book, I hope to do better than that though, depending on how many complete the challenge. 

PLEASE offer titles, comments, questions and suggestions in the comment boxes.  Maybe a term you are unfamiliar with, or a brand.  For example, is IKEA the only place to buy furniture in Sweden? LOL  Can I eat a sandwich without rye bread?  Surely I'm not the only one who wonders such things!

Most of all, let's make this fun and interactive....thanks for participating, Amy

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