Saturday, April 10, 2010

London Review of Books, personals section (need a laugh?)

To preface this, I saw a book entitled Sexually, I'm More of a Switzerland by David Rose, who compiled the 'best of' personal ads in the London Review of Books.  The subtitle advertises "fewer typos than the last one" with a bit of glee.

With that in mind, I turned to the personal section that I had never looked at before, and some gems are below.  These are serious!

"There's usually an atmosphere of dread when I show up at a party.  Not so the next one, when you accompany me as both my groom to be and my designated driver.  Easily drunk, garrulous F, 41, prone to molesting the teenage sons of suburban dinner party hoses and crying over the petit fours. WLTM sober expert in public apology to 50"

"There are no cures for my intensity.  But significant medical breakthroughs are being made every day. F, 57."

"I am the Frida Kahlo of both personal adverts and sandwich artistry.  Mad as a balloon.  Woman, 48."

"Reformed trapeze-performing reprobate (F 39) seeks creative, sane (ish), trampy looking (not non-smelling) boy for sober fun!"

"I'd sooner indulge my dangerous hi fibre diet than contribute yet another churlish whimsy to this column.  Yet I am alone, and need to smell a lady's head.  Man, 54."

The self-deprecating tone of it all suggests these may be some rather amazing individuals.


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