Monday, April 12, 2010


Have a few random things to mention:

First, re the Henning Mankell giveaway:  Lynda has yet to respond.  I've emailed twice, posted her name here when she won, and posted two comments on her blog.  So if you're out there Lynda, please email me asap or the book goes to another entrant, Wed pm at 9 pm Pac Time.

Wonderful site discovery: is run by someone who collects books or works in a bookstore, and catalogues the items they find in books.  Fascinating stuff.  Even the recipe's that are found are posted.

In my Scandinavian reading, I keep running across references to Aquavit.  Went to two huge CA grocery stores that have no idea what it is.  I'm assuming it's a caraway liquor but can't find it.  Can anyone tell me a name brand or source, or possibly another name it may go by,  that could be found in California?  I'd love to drink some while I read...nerdy, yes.

Future challenge ideas:  on there are links to other regional collections.  A New Zealand Kiwi-Crime book collection, and collections from other regional areas wouldn't be hard to find.  Or a city themed challenge? 

Copper Canyon books has a new collection of Pablo Neruda, "Winter Garden".  Looks fabulous.

My latest obsession?  Citizen Kane.  Saw it for the first time last week (I know, I know...haven't seen Casablanca either!).  LOVED it.  I mean, I can't get over just how good it was.   I never really saw Orson Welles in anything but those old wine commercials where he looked pretty obnoxious.  He was amazing in it. 

The family is currently lost in LOST.  Catching up, as they just discovered it about 3 weeks ago and are watching the DVD's.  I keep annoying them by asking questions where I am doing homework nearby, and it ticks them off because I am not committed to watching it all.  So I only get bits and pieces. 

Lastly, more promotion for Blogmania on April 30.  More than 100 blogs are offering one day only giveaways throughout the blogosphere...I will have all the links here, posted at 12:01 am that day, so you can go jumping from blog to blog to enter if you wish.  I believe most of the giveaways are books, some gift certificates to Amazon, among other goodies!  Save the date!


  1. In celebration of Blogmania, I've passed along a blog award to you -

  2. you have so got to be kidding me - you've never seen casablanca?!? girl, run to blockbuster and rent it right now and then get back to me after you dry your eyes...ooh my goodness!!! the best movie!!!

  3. Love that site you discovered!


  4. Amy look into Wikipedia page for Akvavit or Aquavit. You have there also another link to a List of Akvavit producers including some US producers:

  5. In California, carries Krogstad Aquavit.

  6. i love LOST. and it's getting to the end where there's a lot of answers finally coming our way. this could be why it's pretty intense while watching the last few episodes.

  7. I'm not reading anything regarding to LOST, so forgive me for skipping past that part of your post (I have two episodes on DVR, I need to get caught up).

    I just wanted you to know that you stole 30 minutes of my life on Forgotten Bookmarks...I think it's my new favorite site! Thank you for including it in your discoveries!!!