Saturday, April 10, 2010

Chlorophyll by Stephen Burt

This poem was featured in this week's Londow Review of Books (April 8, 2010):

Rain at varying rates
Breaks up the queues at our bus stop;  most people who know
They waited too long to buy umbrellas stand,
But some sit down on rocks,
While overhead, on long
Clouds sharpened like blades on skates,
We see pneumonia weather sliding in.

All nature seems to be at work
Reluctantly, as Friday's anxious
Managers, both desultory and eager
To clear their stacked-up paper out of the way,
Go home.  Do not start anything today.
Pay less attention to politics.  Wrap it all up.
Consider the neighbor whose overstuffed

Three-storey house caught fire from inside,
Who saved cards, cheque stubs, apple wrappers, news,
Who would have gone up
In a fireball had the fire trucks arrived
Five minutes late:  we saw him just
This morning, smiling
As us in his loose sweater, out on the kerb

Beside one of his indoor-outdoor cats.
Behind them, all unharmed, we saw his row
Of lilies, opalescent, deaf to us
And focused on their arduous life cycle
Of evapotranspiration:
They work all day, each day, with outstretched
Ignorant leaves that might as well be hands.

I get from this how the really deep things that matter are also the simplest, the things to cherish being life and plants and the simple cycle of growth, so easily overlooked in our crazy busy lives.  Any one else have a viewpoint?

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