Monday, April 26, 2010

Edited: Reviews by our Stunning SRC participants!

I've been collecting reviews by various members of the Scandinavian Reading Challenge who have kindly sent me their links (if yours doesn't show, please email me, I know there were more than this saved).  Just for fun, check out their reviews and their blogs.  I am in awe of their talent!

Quote of the week by Challenge Participant Ken M: "Wow, A Swedish novel with the word "Black" in the title, I wonder if it will be gloomy. What are the odds do you suppose?"

In no particular order:

Nancy's review of Arctic Chill

and Hypothermia

Bernadette's review of Hypothermia:

Jose's review of The Fire Engine that Disappeared (not a children's book, BTW!)

Wendy's review, the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Uriah has a number of reviews up for the Challenge, at his blog:

Also, Karen and Maxine have great reviews on, a incredibly comprehensive list of titles...


  1. WoW, all these reviews were awesome! I've added the first 2 books to my list since I've already read the last one. Great reviews! Thanks for posting these Amy!

  2. Never in my life have I been referred to as "stunning," so thank you, Amy! LOL

  3. Thanks for your kind compliment. Appreciated.

  4. All these reviews are excellent. Till now I am in confusion on how to write a literature review. You helped me a lot to study how a review looks like. Thank you for this beautiful post.