Monday, March 5, 2012

Book Babble and Related Chatter....

  • Some new reading ideas:  working on Roger Hall's West of the West see it here for a class, and it mentions two old books on California history that look fascinating:  Bayard Taylor's El Dorado (here) and Frank Norris' The Octopus: A Story of California (here) both look great.  Norris' book deals with the Mussel Slough shootings back in 1880.
  • Lowest third of the Falls
  • Going to Yosemite last week was a treat, and of course, I had to get some books as souvenirs.  John Muir's adventures are collected in The Wild Muir (here) in a paperback suitable for reading aloud to  a preschooler but still interesting enough for an adult.
  • I never realized the Yosemite Falls is one of the five tallest waterfalls in the world, so I took tons of pictures, and am now craving a trip to Norway to see more of the giants.  As a kid, at Yosemite all I did was want to swim in the pool, as an adult I wanted to stare at the waterfalls.  I could see the falls from my lodge room, and they are seriously hypnotizing.
  • Did two hikes with my little guy, who was quite a trooper, but I got a bit frightened in the Mirror Lake hike.  It was so incredibly desolate, no people for hours, that I swore I could hear banjo music.  The signs warning of Mountain Lion attacks didn't help either.  We returned safely but still....they say mountain lions can sense fear!  New beer to overcome fear: Mammoth Double Nut Ale!
  • Take note, if your little boy's first train ride involves the train hitting and dragging someone, it sets a tone for the trip....
  • Does anyone else drool over Levenger's catalog and website?  Book porn?  I'd gladly take one of everything on their site, but especially this...any color, I'm flexible. it! 
  • LUTHER is back on BBC with more episodes (!!!).  In the interim, we were searching for some British crime shows only to come across the Inspector Lynley series (written by American Elizabeth George).  These books just don't translate well to film, and give new meaning to the term "cheeky".  
  • More book sculptures appearing in Scotland libraries...Google the series, they are amazing!
  • Peter Geye has a new book in the works called The Lighthouse Road....can't wait to read it! His first book Safe from the Sea is in my lifetime top ten!
  • I reviewed Kurkov's Death and the Penguin from Melville House for Rain Taxi awhile back, and I'm eager to start Penguin Lost (the sequel).  But mosey on over to Lizok's blog to see her review and how she presents the idea that Soviets are like Penguins (she didn't say it, someone else did, but check out her post
  • Someone special, a certain cameraperson in WeHo,  has alerted a few of us to the music of Mumiy Troll, a Russian band that seems to blend a bit of Wolfgang Phoenix with Spandau Ballet.  Check it out here: And always remember, don't ask the guy hanging around the band if they are any good.  He MAY be the lead singer.  Ouch!
  • copyright Janeen Rewell
  • Amazing images, both photographic and collage at  Note this one above!

  • Just discovered "American Cone", the Stephen Colbert flavor of Ben & Jerrys.  Much better than the Jimmy Fallon "Late Night Snack".  I asked my sons if they knew if there was a Ben & Jerrys flavor of my beloved Pearl Jam.  They said it would have to be a Merlot-American Cheese flavor:  bitter, whiny, and cheesy.  Brats!  They can't grasp the art...and they listen to Katy Perry.  Ick.
  • Poor Indiana Jones...can't get tenure (bad news for Indy)
  • Baby and my Dad en route to Yosemite!
  • My baby baby is five.  FIVE!  The year of kindergarten and more swim lessons.  Where did the time go?

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