Friday, March 16, 2012

BabyLit: Jane Eyre and Alice in Wonderland, Jennifer Adams and Alison Oliver

So, this is totally not my blog's typical content, but seriously...these are too adorable not to mention.  Could there be Russian book added to the line? 

Board books! This is a new series called BabyLit. The Jane Eyre is my favorite (that cape!), but both are really neat.  Heavy-duty stock makes them indestructable and the colors are much more vintage and cool than typical kid colors.  Jane Eyre is for counting, Alice is for colors.  How about a Kafka bug one? War and Peace with veggies (peas!)? Can't wait to see the series continue.  I've heard there is a Romeo and Juliet board book, possibly it could be a family first aid guide in board book format?

They are published by Gibbs-Smith, but I think the review copies were sent to me by Eric at Quirk.


  1. I already told Eric I'd write about a Russian one if Adams and Oliver put one together... Anna Karenina could count train cars at the station!

  2. I had not come across these, and I agree, adorable!

  3. Just found your site via the marvelous Peter Geye and intend to spend some time poking around. Thrilled to see you mention these board books, as I just bought the collection as a baby gift for a couple that knows their classics. The quality is stunning--you really have to handle these to appreciate them!