Friday, February 11, 2011

International Giveway from Cafe Press! $50 merchandise and free ship!

The very generous people at Cafe Press have offered a great giveaway...and it's international to boot!

The prize is $50 of merchandise from their website, where you can find all kinds of great gifts, or even personalize some of your own.  Then, they'll even ship it to you for free.  CafePress is the ultimate destination for personalized gifts where you can make a -t-shirt or customize a teddy bear!  For instance, mugs, cool posters, and even cool baby gear is all available, and they have images and phrases from popular tv shows.

They have lots of literary themed shirts and totes, including posters of famous quotes, Tolstoy and Hemingway tote bags, and lots of Russian and Eastern European items (want a shirt with a map from our challenge?).  Their messenger bags are very cool too.
I got a gift from them too (my perk!) and got two cool  t-shirts for my husband and son.  With your $50, you could easily get a tote and t-shirt, or two totes and a mug.  Go there, explore!  Make a wish list!  And come back to enter to win here via easy entry requirements below!

The rules:  Contest ends February 21, 2011 at 9pm PAC time.  Random generator chooses a winner. 
  • You must make it possible to contact you because you only get 48 hours to respond. 
  • You must be a follower of The Black Sheep Dances
  • Enter by leaving a comment below, only one comment per person.
  • Important:  in your comment, tell me one item you'd purchase if you could.*
 Thanks to CafePress for letting me host this giveaway....

*You could customize an Eastern European Reading Challenge tote if you were truly devoted!


  1. I love cafe press, you can get almost anything printed on a shirt or tote, which makes it a great place to get gifts for anyone, even those people with far-fetched interests.

  2. I don't know if this time I win anything. But one should play to win. My wishlist would be:
    - 1 tote bag with Poland's coat of arms (,505185995) or Cracow's coat oof arms (,48641252)
    - a cap sleeve t-shirt with name Prague on the front
    - a journal with a picture from Prague


  3. I now follow...cause this looks like an interesting blog this former English major might enjoy. One thing I would buy would be a sleep deprived parent sweatshirt. It's my own design, but it's one of the pricier items there I haven't been willing to bring myself to get.


    ecarian at yahoo dot com

  4. I'd probably order a tote with the caption above "Don't judge a book by its movie." The books are always better but I have occasionally found a book where if you've read the book you've seen the movie. The Maltese Falcom by Dashell Hammitt is one.

  5. A big sweatshirt with a hood (they make them in mostly if not all-cotton) with the Eastern European Reading Challenge map on it. Not original, because you thought of it, but I'd wear it with a certain snobbish air.

  6. Daisy, the sweatshirt would be great. Just with a map of better quality.

  7. I follow with gfc! I would definitely pick either one of the bride hoodies, or the pink striped bridesmaid journal

  8. I love the cafepress site. I would love a mug with author names on it. I didn't see one on the site but maybe could make it my own design. I love the tote bags too.
    I am a follower.
    laura.leahj@ gmail dot com

  9. I'd get a tee with two totes.

  10. wow, what a cool giveaway! you truly scored with cafe press! i love their site!

    let's see, i'd get the phantom of the opera poster,354023709
    the paris street poster (vintage),443909142
    and the their, they're, there t-shirt

  11. I would definitely get the Don't Judge a Book by its Movie t-shirt! Love it!

    Also: Congrats! You have received the Stylish Blog Award! Check it out on my blog:

  12. Hi Amy, this sounds like a GREAT Contest. If i could purchase anything at Cafe Press i would get the shopping totes. Those look like a lot of fun.

    bookventuresbookclub AT gmail DOT

  13. I also follow on twitter @bookventures

  14. I'd love to enter! I'm a follower via GFC.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  15. wow...what a great prize/contest. They've got so much fun stuff.

    I think my first choice would be a shirt with the poem Invictus.

    Oh, and I am a follower of the blog

    okelberry dot chris at gmail dot com

  16. Great contest with great prizes :) If I were to choose something from Cafe Press it would probably be posters or wall stickers for my daugter's room-to-be.,453070101

  17. I would totally get,208188821

    GFC Follower ^.^

  18. I love Cafepress. I would be a writer's journal and a hoodie :)

  19. I am a little addicted to canvas shopping totes so I would definitely get a personalized one of those. I also like the idea of personalized yoga mats - maybe my favorite photo on the mat would inspire me to practice more consistently!

    thanks for hosting this contest and introducing me to Cafe Press!

    booksncity at gmail dot com

  20. What a great giveaway! My local writing group has a Cafe Press store and I love the hoodies and mugs they designed but have not yet bought one for myself.

    Thanks for hosting this one!

    herbookself at gmail dot com

  21. Oooh, CafePress...yum! I went over and checked out the journals (I'm journal obsessed) and I love the I Love Cats journal...among others.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Great contest! Thanks for hosting the giveaway! I would really like to win a tote bag, a hoodie and a yoga mat.

  23. Whoops! Don't know how I missed this. Please sign me up.

    cuc15 at psu dot edu

  24. They have such awesome stuff there! I would go for Raven Poe Hoodie or one of the funny mugs (the ones I like the most have swear words, so I won't quote, lol!).

    lilianagustavus at gmail dot com

  25. There are so many funny t-shirts I could waste the whole day just looking at them! I probably would get the Fight like a girl t-shirt for when I go on my walk in a couple of weeks for the chicks in pink walk to raise funds for breast cancer treatment.

  26. I had thought there would be nothing for me at cafe press - I'm not really into advertising other people's products. But I would make an exception if I won, I'd get a couple of shopping with the your book challenge on it, and one with a picture of my head exploding from reading the second book for the challenge (David Albahari's Leeches - Serbian surreal fantasy - I've really no idea what is going on)

    bsquaredinoz at gmail dot com

  27. I forgot to leave my email:

  28. Cafe Press is an awesome website, Thank you for hosting this great giveaway!

    If I win, I'm definitely buying a few t-shirts. I love the comic, Get Fuzzy and Cafe Press has t-shirts, mugs, artwork etc.
    I also like the Bookworm worm T,
    the Atom pic T and I know my husband would love a Periodic Table T or the
    T with a pic of a Gibson J-45 Guitar!
    It's hard to choose!


  29. Hello, I am a follower! I love the Shakespeare Insults Hoodie. My email address is cerievans1 at gmail dot com.