Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Caribou Island by David Vann

This is a gorgeous book.  The cover shot shows a lake, water lapping the pebble-covered shore, and the title in an intriguing font.  Seriously, a beautiful book.

One that I couldn't even begin to get through.  I tried to read it to my age in pages...barely made that.  Jumped around a bit trying to find a thread to pull me into it, but it was impossible.  I'm sure it probably has some literary significance, but it was too depressing and bleak.  Unlikable characters behaving badly.  All human interaction seemed filled with hostility, and a feeling of dread just weighed it down too much.  (Somehow it made me think of Franzen's The Corrections, another book I couldn't finish).

I can't accurately say it was a terrible book because I couldn't read enough to be fair.  But, you know, life is rough enough.  And not to sound all Pollyanna about it, but I really didn't need to dive into the lives of these awful people.  Sure, I've read my share of Cormac McCarthy, which are plenty bleak, but there's something about those that feel like they relate to a bigger picture or message.  I didn't get that feeling from what I've read here.

But seriously, gorgeous cover! 

Special thanks to Harper for the Review Copy.


  1. Indeed that is a beautiful cover. Your experience sounds like mine with an Australian book called THE SLAP (Christos Tsiolkis), I ended up finishing it but only because it was a book club read - however spending time with the vacuous and malicious people who populated the story was just not my cup of tea at all.

  2. Nice to meet you through SheWrites! I look forward to exploring your blog further... :)