Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I discovered this fabulous web site last year,  It is for anyone obsessed with books, and it makes my collection look teensy.

The details:  it's a big thrill entering the titles you own or have read, and see all the covers laid out for you in different styles (okay, a nerdy thrill).  They even sell a Cue Cat scanner that allows you to simply scan the barcode on the back and it's entered into your virtual bookshelf.

It gets better.  Based on the books you own, and those you've rated and/or reviewed, the site supplies you with automatic recommendations of new titles you may enjoy.  These are surprisingly spot-on in accuracy.

To top it off, it shows you other members who have similar tastes in books, and you can connect with them and discuss titles or any other book chatter that you wish.  Really great site!

The site features an opportunity to review free books, and join groups that have similar interests. 


  1. I can spend HOURS on sites like LibraryThing and GoodReads. Unfortunately, my Goodreads account is the only one that I can manage to keep up to date. After reading your post, I think it's time I update my Library Thing!

    One feature about these sites that I must mention is the book giveaways. They have amazing opportunities to win ARCs of some great books!

  2. What's the advantage of Goodreads over LT? LT seems more user friendly but I am not that familiar with GR, your thoughts?

  3. I can't say which one I like better, because I haven't really utilized LT too much. I had been using Goodreads for about two years before discovering LT, and I don't have the time (nor the desire) to copy and paste all of my reviews over to LT. I like the fact that I have all my books - old and new - in one spot. I should at least try and keep up with my current reviews/TBR lists at Library Thing, though.

  4. Jeane, love your website. The animals are amazing (my favorite is the Badger).

    What is your name on LT?