Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Call for Cash: year-end fundraisers at Rain Taxi, Three Percent (Open Letter)

Three Percent - Open Letter is the face of  translated literature right now, and as a nonprofit publisher, they could use some $$$$.  When planning year-end giving, consider going to the link to contribute to their annual fundraising.  They sometimes send out nifty little things like a car air freshener, just to remind you how generous you are!

Additionally, Rain Taxi literary magazine is hosting a series of Ebay auctions to raise money (they're a nonprofit too!).  Signed books and other literary stuff is on auction now:

Copper Canyon Press is also finishing out the year attempting to raise funds at  Yep, they're a nonprofit.

Forgetting for a moment books in favor of children, the Jack and Abby Neonatal Foundation is working on getting a $25, 000 grant from Pepsi to provide a guest room for parents of critically-ill babies.  The details are at  Having spent several weeks away from home when my baby was in the NICU, having a place to crash nearby the hospital meant I could be with him at almost all times. The place I stayed was a block from the hospital, the guest room that Pepsi would provide would be right in the hospital!  More times for hugs and kisses!

Or, if you are more of an animal lover and would rather help them, consider the Pacific Wildlife Care Center's fundraising drive at  This nonprofit is amazing:  they tried to save a poor hawk that was injured near our home. Several volunteers contributed funds and their time to try and get him back on his wings, but he didn't make it.  Yet, they tried and many are saved.  This last year from Jan through Nov, they treated over 1800 animals on the Central Coast, reintroducing them to the wild as soon as possible.

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