Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 30, 2009

Today was the kind to make up for lots of bad days throughout the year.  It was gorgeous and peaceful and clean.  For one thing, the light has changed.  Fall arrived last week but today was the first I could see of the change in the sunlight outside.  Somehow it was crisper and clearer.  The weather was warm but with a crisp, cool wind that couldn't decide whether to blow from the south or the east.  Then it would quit completely for a few minutes and then resume.

I had an afternoon outside in the cool light, with a good book and a cup of coffee and the view to enjoy.  I watched as the dogs seemed edgy and nervous at the wind, while the cats didn't give a damn either way.  A doe and her fawn were in the khaki colored field across from me on the other hill, nonchalantly working their way towards the lake.  They were hidden in the grass but the dusty green oak tree behind them gave away their location.  On the road below a line of eight green tractors went by, while a wildfire plane rumbled overhead back and forth,  likely dealing with the fire in Lompoc. 

I watched one of the homes down below, where a man in a bright pink shirt was puttering around in his yard, kicking a soccer ball to his kids and looking up at the sky.  I imagine he felt as wonderous as I did, looking at the light and feeling blessed.  Even the dog collar on my father's border collie sounded musical, as she wandered around the yard, pausing to remember things as she stared into the eastern sky.

Having the time to read is essential;  have the time to read in such a setting is luxury.  I can't imagine things much better than this!

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