Sunday, May 24, 2009

Riffing on stuff

Little itty bitty things cluttering my mind:

Middle child turns 16 tomorrow. Yikes. How did this happen? He was my tiny baby, my cuddly third grader, my nervous junior high kid. Now he's driving and that means I'm old!

Youtube: I know there is a ton of crap on it, but I am in LOVE with this website. With a toddler who is fascinated by everything, it's so cool to find a video about something he likes. He was really into a photo of a wolf, with youtube we found a few clips of wolves howling. He was awestruck. We found clips of time-lapse photography of hatching eggs, kittens being born, etc etc. Besides the goofy stuff he loves: cats jumping long distances, ducklings following their mom. Very cool.

Jon & Kate Plus 8: I've held off my worthless opinion but I have to throw this out there: how can you justify pimping out your kids when they are too young to have a say? Sure, they had a bunch and need money to pay the bills, I totally get that. But camera crews everywhere, all the time? On a normal scene with all of them, there's at least 16 other people in the house at the time involved in the filming. How can that be normal? Will these kids grow up in any sense of reality? I mean, isn't there dignity in providing for your own without overexposing them? How about a Tide commerical? The idea that they must have the money sort of goes out the window when Kate has Louboutin heels on, surely not a necessity. Turns out her hopes are to be a talk show host. Oh. Swell. I've seen her slap her husband on the face, and scream at him for not using a coupon at the grocery store. Will the kids grow up and watch Daddy be emasculated by his snarling wife? The Goo Goo Dolls said it best "Reruns have become our history". Will that be all this kids have? Do they really want a family of little Bonaduce's when they are no longer cute and adorable? I really dislike the mom, the last episode I watched the kids all got to go to a bakery to decorate their own cupcakes. Then the mom didn't let them eat them, too much sugar! Poor little babies...I hope the designer clothes make up for all they've lost (and will continue losing). My sons suggested "FreeJon" tshirts, long before his alleged "affair" came out.

Fox news: a new low, a few weeks ago. One anchor commented on how 'interesting' it was that the swine flu epidemic occurred during a democratic president's term. What the heck? She was trying to imply it was somehow Obama's doing? That the Republicans could have prevented it? What?

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