Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oddball Goals

Okay, this list is going to get updated as I consider new options, but I wanted to keep track of my goals (the open-to-the-public kind of wishes!).

In my lifetime, I'd love to see the Aurora Borealis (northern lights) for real.

I want to see fireflies in person, and catch one in a jar.

I want to learn the proper use of "its", "it's", and "its'". I still haven't got this one down.

Be a corpse in an episode of Law & Order. Weird, yes. Just a funky thought as I do have an L&O addiction.

Spend a month in each of the following locations, in a home rather than a hotel, and live like a local: Barcelona, Bar Harbor-Maine, anywhere in Argentina (my Dad says I must see Iguasu Falls (shown above) and have milanesa on the street of Buenas Aires)***, east of Wexford-Ireland, somewhere near Cornwall-England to satisfy my du Maurier cravings, and now Norway (from a book I just read, haven't settled on the location yet).

***I must add, my parents are way cool. They've been all over, at least as far as the Americas: They've lived in Belize (seven years), Guatamala, and Hondorus; they've had extended visits in Chile, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico. They've had brief escapes in Uruguay, Paraguay, Equador, and Nicaragua. They haven't been to Columbia or Venezuala yet, but they have had short visits in just about every South/Central American country. They've hit Europe once (the whole Ireland-England-France generic trip) and didn't fall in love. But they adore South America, having friends in most places so they get to visit it for real and not like a tourist. I love that they want adventure when they travel, and not just a condo on the beach with pina coladas. As they've gotten older they've decided their travel is over, which is sad, but they are planning an extended trip to Portland OR next month with some friends. They have interesting passports! Mine, sadly, shows only Belize and Guatamala.

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