Sunday, June 28, 2009

Would you believe "T is for Trespass"?

Seriously, this series by Sue Grafton has always been a beachside, no deep thinking required read, not literary and not particularly noteworthy. Yes, I am a book snob. I've usually read each title over the last ten years purely because the setting is local and I like picking out the locations I know (her character's residence is the same street as my favorite place to stay in the world).

So, to get the new one for ten cents at the used book sale was a treat, and I tucked it away. My mom grabbed it and raved. How could that be? An actual rave? THAT good? No way.

I read it yesterday, start to finish. It IS that good. No spoilers but seriously the best of her entire series. Sort of a anticlimactic ending but her eye for details and personality types and traits was uncanny. Really, really good.

It still doesn't require any deep thought, but it's a fun read. What's with deep thoughts anyway? Additionally, it's about elder abuse and scams on the elderly, which leads to some shocking revelations on how easy it is to manipulate the elderly. Sad. True. Read!

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