Thursday, April 2, 2009

Getting Back on Track with my Blog

After a long interval, and the loss of a previous blog, I'm ready to get back in the habit of throwing my thoughts out into the universe.

My previous blog did me much good in a time of tremendous stress. It was therapeutic to vent away, firing off random sequences of mostly irrational ideas. Sometimes it was quotes that I loved, sometimes pictures that spoke to me. And it gave me the junior high enjoyment of listing my favorites of everything that seemed to matter. Sometimes speaking my mind meant saying things other people didn't want to hear.

While in my former blog, I didn't refer to anyone by name, and spoke mostly of my own personal events in what I thought was anonymity, I ended up having it used against me. A former friend, unhappy with recent actions I had taken, had given the address of the blog to many former friends and some genuine enemies. They read my pathetic attempts at poetry, my ramblings on my problems with recurrent depression, and viewed my favorite photos. They relished the idea that they had my secrets, and used them to question my state of mind. While I know there is no true anonymity on the Internet, it was private, or so I thought.

I was genuinely sickened: it felt like the world had read my private diary.

I gave up on the blog for months. I thought it would be meaningless to put myself in that position again. I missed it.

So, I'm back. I need this. If it slams me again, so be it. I am doing this purely for me, a place to organize my quotes, pictures, and thoughts. I will be cautious, and can only suggest such caution for others as well. To the friends that I give this blog address to, I ask you please respect my desire for privacy and realize the great faith I have in you by sharing this junk with you!

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